Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Snake-charmer's politics

Dad was expecting a high profile drama arrest last evening. Varun Gandhi claims that the ‘statements’ aired are but fragments of his original speech. Never-the-less Lalu was up-in-arms and in full defense of the hindus. Each is said to have gone to the extreme proclamation of cutting off body parts if such a cause arises.

For the longest time we ended up switching between Mayawati’s political moves and Sharad Pawar’s ‘tight-rope’ balancing act. It is indeed amusing to watch the struggle for power. Made me wonder if any of them remember the original reason why we opted for democracy. It merely seems to be a power game, about who’s on top and how to dethrone them.

Campaign manifestos are but bells and whistles in the tussle to gain political clout. Bills and laws merely aid in gaining more points on the political mileage meter. There are no trusted allies and definitely never any out and out enemies.

It’s a delicate dance around the gold pile; and it’s not for betterment of the voters. T'is but a snake-charmer's politics, led by the tunes of the power-hungry.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Randomly sloppy, inanely nutty

I stayed late, again. It doesn't matter 'cause after six thirty my mind stops working.

Did not carry lunch today. Forgot that little fact just at lunchtime.

A dull headache steps up post work hours and won't stop till I get home and gorge on dark chocolate plus strawberry fruit.

What a day. I have one trip coming up this weekend, two at the end of the month and one possibly at the very beginning of next month. Phew!

Coordinating parents, stealthy trips and work trips! What a juggle!!! In the midst of it all work hits me smack in the face. But it's not as bad as I anticipated. My job list was not picked up.

Now a two day old creation, it lies about languidly in my files, updating itself when a new one is added or an existing, finished. Reminds me to call and pester those who can actually finish the work assigned.

A languorous few months, no attention to that which has been pending for long. So long that it doesn’t matter anymore.

The day it does, I will finish it and flee the scene.

No stock of the D80. The next options are either twice my budget or not quite as semi-professional as I’d like ‘em.

I keep wondering after what could have been. Can it still be? Of what use is design, if it can not free.

A slack-jawed mind on Thursday eve. The only accompaniments are dinner and these alphabetized keys.