Friday, July 31, 2009

Scope for more

It hadn’t even been 6 months, she could tell him like the back of her hand. Standing at the door, watching him through the glass. Every flick of the eyebrow, the way he shifted his gaze, how easy it was to tell what he was thinking when he rubbed his knuckles that particular way.

Two months ago, she wondered how difficult it would be, a new place, the adjustments and the change in lifestyle. So many people to get familiar with, it was truly mind-boggling. Thank goodness for him! He definitely made life easier; took her through everything step by step and even guided her where she needed help.

Now, the weight fell lightly on her shoulders. In fact, she believed it was time she took on more. She drew in a deep breath, knocked and said, “Hi Boss, I was wondering if we could review my profile. I believe there is scope for more!”