Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank god for cosmo men

I was at a night club a week back, celebrating a friend's birthday. It was a retro music night of sorts, leading to the presence of a melange of people. Running into firangs these days is quite inevitable. This particular bunch was crowded around a table, doing as we do, talking, laughing and generally hanging out.

Firangs tend to draw attention, being different from us as they are. watch the faces of people who look at them, there are so many thoughts flitting across the room. Some wish they were them, other wonder why they're here. You can see the yearning of some, to have a chance at living abroad.

I caught myself looking at one of them, a guy putting down a beer. Shorts, drab tee and flip-flops. did look like he put much effort in to looking sharp. I could totally envision this fellow, lazing on a couch, watching a sports channel while his partner, looking extremely unkempt, tended to screaming children.

It made me thank my stars, atleast our cosmo men take that little bit of extra effort to look sharp and presentable.

Monday, January 5, 2009

resolved this new year

1. Stay as happy/optimistic as possible
2. Be practical
3. While at work, pretend to myself that its the only thing I know to do
4. Make every day count
5. Never stop asking Questions