Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just 50k

A car, a house, a trip around the world, some more saving, some toiling and more to splurge...Just 50K and seeing stars. It's not easy to stay grounded when so little can take you so far.

It's a wonder that my peers know anything at all about investment. If it weren't for the many mutual funds advertisements, many probably would never have considered saving for later in life.

The share market is the latest buzz word amongst the more 'intellectual' types. It's sort of become like Apple; at first you did not want it 'cause it was not easy to understand (like Windows), though that hasn't changed, Apple's cool quotient has gone up. It's now like a coveted item to be upheld by those who want to be different, yet safe; a contradiction in itself.

50k in real estate, another 'haute' investment favourite, will get the average city person nowhere. Even 12 kilometres away from any Metro's out-skirts, land prices are not fixed for one with a wallet so small.

50K at home can really spruce up the house. Alternatively, your wardrobe could undergo a life-changing sweep. A traditionalist would buy a lump-sum of gold and store it away or, at best, piggy-bank it for a rainy day.

Either way, it's just 50K... :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

effort and waste

Watch her everyday, toiling away, sweating for 2 and a half hours each morning. The pressure cooker, milk and rotis on the tava add colour to my picture. They are, after all, her protagonists. It all comes down to the first morsel; simply got to be perfect.

The salt, where's the damn salt?! Get outta my way, there's enough tension without you hanging around and watching like you got marbles for eyes. There, now you disturbed me and I'm running late. Papa'll be out any minute and he'll want his breakfast. Go, clear the table. Are you ready? Don't be late for work baba, how can you do this? Hun, you're out? Just taste the vegetable and tell me what it's like. But you always say it's fantastic. More salt? Do I need to add mirchi? and the Dal? Hmpf! Always fine fine.

Messing up was never her strong point, but repetitiveness has always been.