Saturday, December 6, 2008

Creating happiness

When I set my sights on the idea of working, I estimated that I would do something I love doing with my heart and soul. I'd be doing the kinda work that gives me a satisfactory glow. creating something that makes other people smile or perhaps, get thoughtful and find perspective.

I have known people who drudge through life as though they have no aim. It's quite possible that they do not, yet I wonder why the sight of a merry bunch of children makes them wince instead of smile. Sudden spates of rain from clear blue skies draw their curses, not sighs. Romance is but, a waste of time. Like zombies they flit, pausing only to critise.

How did they come to be this way? What's their story, what made them sway? Is it possible that they were naturally meant to be this way? Cold hearted, icy cool, nothing affects them as they trample through life as though it were hay.

At times I wish to shake them out of it; others I fear it'd rub off on me. Some days, while at work, I wonder why it affects me, why does it matter so much? My life is mine, and isn't that enough?! The thought's much too shallow, I'm not all about me. Being light hearted and happy has a lot to do with the bouyancy of those with me. I may or may not choose my company, but my behaviour will reflect in their interaction with me.