Saturday, March 24, 2012


"No, Rishi, I can not take up your offer!" exclaimed Shanaia, her cutlery clattering to the marble inlaid floor, flashing sun-light to the mirrored arks and ceiling as it fell.

"Why not?! It's perfectly legit and comes with a fat pay. I'd pick up on it if I were you."

"Look here, Rishikesh, I had you leave our home for precisely this reason. An honest day's work is worth far more than all this fancy parroting about. I can not believe I came all this way only to hear this rubbish!", she pushed her chair back and reached for the purse while turning to leave.

"Shanaia-di, Please don't leave me this way, I have an image to maintain and your walking away is not helping.", Rishikesh said, almost pleading while tying to appear suave; not a good combination of emotions to look at.

That line stopped her in her tracks! Slowly she turned to face him, disbelief, anger and a hint of more playing in her eyes.

"Never you mind that I gave a good leg so you live, forsook time for love so we had a roof overhead, never you mind all that! In you bounce, with your fake movie smile after all these years, not a question for those you left behind. No Rishi,no, I will not fix again what you broke. You once had a family and you broke it. You should've learned something from that before trying to make a second one."

With these words, she left, her heart feeling more lopsided than her gait, his eyes shining with regret.